How to choose the correct luggage for business travel.

If you have recently begun to travel for work or don’t have quite the right business luggage then check out our tips below on choosing the right cabin suitcase, work bag and garment bag.

The right business bag.

business bag
Samsonite Savio Briefcase

We don’t all carry the exact same work paraphernalia, some of us carry laptop, tablet, paperwork, camera, peripherals, stationery, folders, portable printer/scanner, storage devices, catalogues , whereas most of us will carry a combination of some of these items and perhaps  some industry specific items. Consequently your choice of bag to carry your work gear is all important, often people will buy a business bag because they like the look of it or the price is good without considering whether the layout will work for you or not, there is an easy way to avoid making this mistake though. If you take all your gear with you when you visit the luggage store you will be able to try it in different business bags and select the one that works best, remembering that you should always have a little extra space left in your bag in case you need to add to your work gear in the future.

The Right Cabin Suitcase.

business cabin case
Antler Business 100 Suitcase

When considering your cabin suitcase, the most important point is whether it will be the correct size for your preferred airline, if you fly domestic outside of the US then the most likely size will be a total linear dimension of 105cm (height + width + depth). If you fly internationally, business class or domestically within the US then the most likely size will be total linear dimensions of 115cm. Some airlines can differ so if you always fly with a specific airline check out the exact allowance. Our searchable list to check your airline can be find here.  After you have selected the correct size it is time to work out the configuration that best suits your needs. If you are carrying a briefcase with all your work gear in as well then you might be able to have a dedicated clothing suitcase which would typically be a large empty cavity with a small pocket on the front of the case. This combination of business bag and cabin suitcase works well for short trips and eliminates the need for checked baggage and all the hassle that comes with it. For other business travellers who take just the one bag then a combination of suitcase and business bag may work best, typically these bags are landscape in shape and split 50/50 between clothing and work gear.

The Right Garment Bag

carry on garment carrier
Samsonite Ultralight 8 Garment Carrier

The first thing you need to decide when choosing your garment carrier is whether it will be used as a check-in piece of luggage or a carry on. Typically carry-on garment bags can carry 1/2 suits with a few shirts and possibly a pair of shoes, they are nearly always soft and non-wheeled. Most airlines have a different set of sizes for cabin garment bags due to their shape, check these dimensions with your preferred airline and take them with you to the luggage store when making your purchase. If you require more storage space for multiple suits and shirts then you may need to consider a larger checked in style of garment bag that usually come on wheels and are rigid in design. Transporting these garment bags can be cumbersome if you are also carrying a suitcase due to their shape and size but many offer a way to attach the garment bag to the suitcase or vice-versa via a strap and clip. The best case scenario is if you can combine all your packing into the garment bag and this can be done with some clever packing and some compression bags for your more bulky items.

We hope you enjoyed our article on business luggage.

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